Newsflash: Move often for work; buying for short term?

My wife and I are being relocated by her company; historically we are moved every 2-3 years (this is our 4th move). Currently, we live in a 1000 sq. ft 2-bedroom apartment with a den for $1100 (which I know is a steal). However, where we are moving we are not finding similar rental properties (as in, everything we are finding is $1650+/month). We are considering buying to obtain the sq footage and rooms we want for a similar monthly cost; we have enough money for a down payment. If/when we are transferred, the company would buy our house for the appriased value or private-buyer bid cost; they also cover loss up to 30,000k. I do not know much about buying a home so I am trying to find research what potential benefits/losses there is based on my situation. I know most advice states that it is not profitable to buy if you are going to be in a house less than 5 years. However, other employees of the company who have bought and been moved, state that essentially their home has been a “savings account” as they got most of their money back, if not made money off the move. I definitely would love to own, I just don’t want to make a poor financial decision. Any advice?



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