Newsflash: Getting into residential appraising in Seattle (late career change from software dev)

I’ve been reading a bit online about the real estate appraisal field, and I’m interested in learning more about what is required to get started — education, licensing, and finding an initial employer.I read a couple of threads on this forum already, and the theme in both seemed to be that that pay sucks in residential, so get into commercial as quickly as you can.However, I’m not trying to get rich doing this. I’m looking to downshift from my current career (software dev) into something that pays enough to cover the basic bills, and lets me see a lot of residential real estate.My longer term goal is to invest in residential real estate (starting with what I already own, which is a house that I’m considering running as an AirBnB on the side). After talking to the local MLS service, in order to get access to their system, I either need to be a licensed broker, or a licensed appraiser. (And the sales side of real estate isn’t for me.)I might also want to eventually, write some software that competes with zillow’s zestimate system (or the redfin system), so I think working as an appraiser for a few years would be great experience, while I’m writing my own software on the side.Curious if there are any appraisers out there, in the Seattle area, that might be willing to chat offline?Otherwise, I’m interested in people’s thoughts about being a residential appraiser — if you aren’t expecting to get rich doing it. Also, when your local market is super hot, is that a good time to get into the field?Thanks!



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