Newsflash: For Sale Buyer Owner

We had a friend realtor that gave us a price analysis (CMA) and said to list our house at $310 and expect to sell it at $300.She also were in hot market in the best school zone, so we should go quick.She wasn’t kidding.. had our first showing yesterday. They spent 2 hours in our house.Within the same day, their realtor tells us this story that we’re their favorite house and that they need to move quick as they’re relocating. Not sure I believe it.Anyway, their offer was $300 purchase price and asking us to pay $5000 closing costs. That means we’d get $295.We’re going to counter with $305 and put down $5000 at closing.We have another showing today and the realtor wants an answer by 6pm today (basically 24 hrs since her offer)I’m inclined not to care about their story or their timeline because I think it’s a tactic because we’re so new to the market and are a very nice house in a hot market. I figure she’s trying to get us off the table quick before the bidding war starts.Is this a typical tactic for buyers realtors?



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