Newsflash: First time buyer need advice navigating a “delayed occupancy”.

Have a home set to close at the end of July. I also have my apartment lease that goes through August that I’m going to keep — because the cost to break the lease is actually 2 months rent so it’s easier to just eat the cost of August.The seller is building a house and was just informed that they will not be able to move in until a week later than was intended. He is asking for a delayed occupancy agreement for 1 week and is offering to pay $50 a day so $350 overall.I’m a first time buyer. What’s the best way to navigate this? I thought of asking for $100 a day, or $700 over the week which would cover my rent for August (though I’d still pay the mortgage for the week I wasn’t in the home). I’m also not sure how to navigate utilities. I guess I’d be paying for utilities in both places, though I had planned to cancel my utilities in my apartment for the month of August.Any general advice is appreciated. My realtor has mentioned I’m welcome to basically say “tough luck” and force them to move out at the end of July since that’s what the contract seems, but this seems like an opportunity for both parties to win.



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