Newsflash: Buying an apartment at 19, planning to rent it out. Am i rushing into my financial future?

So i’m a 19 y/o student that works part time. * I average around $1200 a month, sometimes even more. * I have over 15k in my savings, which also receives 1% annually.The mortgage would be under my dad’s name, I have good credit but my history is to short for a mortgage The down payment would be 10k for a 50k apt. The avg rent is $950 in the area that I’m interested in. The monthly rent would cover the monthly mortgage payment+ HOA and more. I would also pay $300-$400 a month into paying of the apt. I would have at least 5k in emergency spending for the first month in case their is an issue or the apt is vacant. Ultimately my goal is to pay off everything in <5yrs and to have somewhere to live in the future in case something happens. I will have more emergency money has time passes at least 10k by the end of the first year of owning the apt.Lastly i did include the price of insurance, mortgage, HOA, and other expenses. It would come out to $600-$650 a month.If I'm missing something i apologize, this is my first post and i want you to scrutinize me so i don't miss any loose ends. Thanks.



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