Newsflash: VA Appraisal and Roof Question

My husband and I are buying a home in our neighborhood. The home is in great shape, and the home inspection went really well. The few things the inspector found “defective,” the buyer quickly agreed to repair.The roof was listed as “marginal,” with normal signs of weathering noted but no major issues. The attic didn’t show signs of active water damage, but “previous water penetration noted.”The roof is 20 years old, so right at its expected lifespan. Additionally, the property is controlled by a HOA, and they are replacing all the roofs in the community within the next few weeks. They are already finished with half the neighborhood.My question is this, will the roof condition effect the VA appraisal? If the appraiser demands the roof be replaced, it could delay closing by a few weeks. Since we have to be out of our current home at the end of July, this would mean a few shitty weeks in an extended stay.Do any current or former appraisers have input on this?



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