Newsflash: [CA] Building caused water damage in unit. Landlord wants us to pay for repairs.

Hi, this is my first time posting here so I’m sorry if I’m making any mistakes.Background: I lived in a condo in a building with about ~200 units. Each unit is privately owned. I rented a unit with 3 other people. Only one of us, who had lived there previously, was present during the move in inspection and so when I noticed any abnormalities in the unit, I’d ask her. I noticed that the building manager and repairman would often look at the pipes directly below us because there was some sort of leak.Around November 2016, I noticed that there was a bump on the floor but my roommate said it was there before. There was also something that looked like water damage on one of the walls, but again, she said it was there already.In May 2017, we noticed that the bumps actually got worse and the hardwood flooring actually popped out. We immediately took photos and e-mailed it to our landlord. He said he’d check it out when he comes down in 2-3 weeks for the move out inspection. So come 2-3 weeks later, he came and as we tried to show up the damages, water was actually bubbling underneath the hardwood that was popped out. There was more water damage on a wall that was covered by a sofa than we hadn’t saw the previous week as well. I showed the leak in the pipes that was directly below us to our landlord as well.Now 20 days later, our landlord wants to charge us for half of the repairs because “if this issue was reported earlier, I think we would only need to replace a small fraction of the drywall and flooring if at all.” We did report it as soon as we saw it and we did not willfully ignored it though.Is there any way to fight him on this?



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