Newsflash: Applying to rent a property – They want to know about previous rental history…

And to be honest it’s not good. I’ve had a bad habit of choosing places I can’t afford and barely making the rent, with late payments frequently. That’s why I chose the place I’m applying for now, it’s half the rent of my current apartment. My question is, should I lie and say I have no rental history (totally believable as I’m only 21) or put down my rental history and explain myself when I submit the application. I’ve always been communicative with the office when I’m late for rent about my finances and when I’d be able to pay. I also have a cosigner who makes 6.5x the rent monthly. I really love this place, and I’m committed to it, and If I get rejected for some reason I will likely end up homeless, living out of my truck until I can find somewhere else. What is my best option? This was the best sub I could think of, as I’ve seen many of you are landlords yourself, And you could give me an answer from your perspective. The property management company I’m trying to rent from are super nice and helpful, and a smaller company than others in my area. I really appreciate any help or insight you guys can give!



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