Newsflash: What can you do with an unbuildable vacant lot in Washington State?

I am looking to buy vacant lots in Whatcom County in Washington State, but the area I am looking at does not have a central sewage system. The land requires a septic permit in order in order to build a house. I’m not planning on building a house, but am wondering what else I could use the property for without breaking any laws. The area is a 30 minute drive from where I live, so I can visit the property regularly.I am having a tough time understanding what and what not someone could legally do with a lot like this. Could you put a freight container on the property for long term storage? Could you use it as a farm and plant crops all over it? Could you fill it with cement and make it a parking lot? Could you dig a giant hole in the middle of it?Any help would be highly appreciated as I am having a tough time getting information on this subject.



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