Newsflash: Our American dream of owning our perfect home is on its knees.

My boyfriend and I have been together since we were 15 (now 21) and have saved and scrimped until now we have been looking for a home this year. We’ve been keeping our eyes open for a year and a half. We recently found a rare home (especially in Southern California) that fit every criteria we had. Ex 2 acres, privacy, small, plenty of gardening ext. And it was only 189k, this is something that we knew we would never find. So we jumped on it, we have a 25k down payment, excellent credit, and the income to support the payments. But little did we know all of these excellent qualities would mean nothing. The house is technically off grid, on a dirt road, only has gas heaters, and other issues. We knew it had issues, but we had plans to fix her up slowly. Like putting in solar panels, updating the water heating systems, and make it our home. Good ol mom and pop style.So we tried going thru a bank, and a boutique lender. They all won’t do it… So we tried financing from the owners. But they want at least 40% down, the whole thing paid off in under 4 years, and at 5% interest, and they are unwilling to make changes needed for the house to be financed. We had one last hope of a lender my in laws used for an investment property that had the same situation. Even they said they wouldn’t. We are so heartbroken, the financial state is well in our reach, but this is completely out of our hands. We love this house so much and have worked so hard to just not even get a fighting chance… We need a miracle. If anyone knows any Mercy lenders that are willing to give this house a chance and revitalize the american dream. Please let me know, It’s going to hurt real bad walking away from our dream find.



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