Newsflash: Notice to quit help [MA]

I’ve been a tenet at will for the last 4 years (no lease was ever signed) Got served a notice to quit last Monday. 6/26 Says on the document that rent hasn’t been paid for 6 months which absolutely isn’t true and doesn’t match my bank records. NTQ notes 14 days to pay or get out. Called the landlord after receiving The NTQ on day 1 and landlord said it was a mistake that I received one. They also confirmed the amount shown on the NTQ is wrong. sent all sorts of documents to landlords lawyer on day 2 but nothing has come back from them and it’s now day 12. And I’ve already sent my 3rd request for an update. (First was an email which was then supposedly forwarded to the landlord for “evaluation” and the 2nd request was via phone which I was told that the initial request was forwarded, all this after a lot of time of them dodging my phone calls on day 3.Should note also on day 4 got an alarming aggressive phone call from someone identifying themselves as the landlords brother stating “this is XX’s brother, current holder of all her property world wide. She is not to be contacted nor should anyone else connected to this matter is to be contacted.” Then they abruptly hung up. I tried to call back but no one picked up.I’m not sure what to do about this pickle I’m in. I’ve been on the hunt frantically for new digs but it’s so bare out there. I’m extremely worried about the next few days



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