Newsflash: Considering buying a home that’s been ill-cared for. Looking for input on our bid.

The home is absolutely gorgeous on the outside. Perfectly situated to gather sunrise and sunsets in the desert with nicely sized mesquites all around to break up the worst of the sun. Views of the mountains for days and a perfect buffer of land all the way around to dull road noise from half a mile away.That’s the outside. The inside is something else entirely.The seller claims the house was “well-maintained.” A bathroom sink valve came off in my SO’s hand when she turned on the cold. The faucet in the kitchen leaks onto the counter. The sliding glass door leading into the Arizona room requires that you lean your shoulder into the old steel frame to get the latch to click.The meth-head grandson (I met him when I was looking at the property one day and he was tweaking) was smoking cigarettes in the garage with the kitchen door open and stunk up the house with the reek. He also did the world’s shittiest job of painting the inside. I’m talking, he spilled paint on the rubber flaps of the garbage disposal when he poured paint down the kitchen sink or washed his brushes. WTF?The toilets need to be replaced. The guy claims there’s double paned windows. If they are, they are the thinnest double paned glass I have ever seen.The agent/seller keeps claiming he’s selling “as-is.” My feeling is that he’s welcome to word it how he wants but his home’s been on the market 60 days and we’re going to take inspection into our account when we make an offer.Still, the outside and the location are perfect and believe me, we have looked for a similarly priced home with as ideal of a location for nearly a year. My thought is to get our contractor in there to estimate what these things will cost to replace, then price our offer accordingly. Is this a strategy others have employed to any success?



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