Newsflash: What else do I need to know about purchasing a lake lot?

My fiance and I have always wanted a cabin on a lake. It is part of our 5 year plan and when it comes time for retirement that’s where we’ll go. We are the stereotypical Minnesotans, and for us a cabin on a lake is our own little slice of heaven. I grew up going to our family cabin every weekend until my great aunt couldn’t maintain it any longer and sadly sold it. A piece of me has been missing ever since.I have a friend with a cabin on a lake I love. So I am periodically checking that lake for affordable lots, but it’s really popular and most are developed already. The ones that aren’t cost about 150k.On a whim the other day I decided to check out nearby, smaller lakes and came across a lot for 45k on the next lake over. Wow! We could afford to purchase that right now. We were thinking about doing a cash out refinance on our current home and have enough equity we could purchase this lot in cash. Which as I understand it will be necessary, since it’s hard to get a mortgage for under 50k.My fiance is a contractor, so we plan to build eventually, but are ok with having an RV or trailer for the first few years.This lot has electricity and a well already, but no plumbing or septic. We want to go take a look at it. It’s about 2 hours away. What do we need to know for next steps? Do we need to have cash in hand before a realtor will take us out to look at it? What questions do we ask? I spoke to my friend who has a cabin on the next lake over and she told me this lake is nice, lots of families tubing and good walleye and pan fishing.I know I need to ask if it has a lake association and what the dues are if it does. I need to ask if it is ok to have an RV or trailer on it. I want to ask if there are ATV trails nearby as well. Would a good realtor know all that or will I have to do a lot of research on my own? Would the realtor know how much septic systems cost to install in that area?Am I missing anything else that’s obvious?



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