Newsflash: Lender combative and telling seller information

Currently going through the home buying process and it’s been just shy of a nightmare. Let me preface with, the seller’s agent has yet to officially disclose he is the son of the seller.We’re working with a great realtor on an FHA and DPA(Down Payment Assistance) mortgage loan that we were pre-approved for prior to getting the realtor. The lender seemed great at first until, nearing closing, we stop hearing information from our Realtor, only our lender, outside of amendment signings. We thought, no big deal, until we called our realtor after we hit a bump where we needed another $1000 the lender didn’t mention (strike 1).Come to find out, our lender has been in discussions with the seller’s agent (strike 2). Our Realtor firmly tells our lender to not discuss anything with the seller’s agent and leave that to him, as it’s his job. The day after our lender is told this, the lender calls us and tells us they spoke with the seller’s agent and discussed our folder (which contains our personal finances along with my parent’s finances) with him (strike 3).We have filed a complaint with the lending company itself, but won’t hear anything for a couple of days. We’re supposed to close in a week and need to send all our information (we get payed on Friday) early Friday morning to make the closing date (which had been moved twice due to various reasons).What recourse should we expect from the lender and if we don’t get any, do we have a legal leg to stand on?



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