Newsflash: Surprise plumbing issue after purchase contract, home inspection, etc.

Tejas – Freaking out a bit right now…long story short, we are the sellers and have already had the buyers sign a purchase agreement and we provided our disclosures that showed no issues/major repairs. They also already had a home inspection done that found zero problems. Yesterday, had a toilet leaking from the wax seal on bottom floor, tried to tighten toilet incase it was loose – came back from social event hours later to a flooded half bath which would leak more if we flushed or used any other water in the house (indicating a blockage down the sewer main line finding its way out of the lowest point in the house).Plumber came this morning, augered from the cleanout – found some clorox wipes the toddler must have flushed, as well as some other feminine products etc that seemed to have clogged the line. chews through, lines are running again(yay!). Shoves a camera down and finds a break in the line right under the edge of the driveway, midway, in between our cleanout and the city cleanout. Shows me the break, no visible roots – probably settling from crappy construction (10yr old house). Says it will keep having stuff get caught and will clog again, or worse will burst more and toilet water everywhere.So, wtf do we do now – tiny bit of water damage on the door frame and part of the baseboards in the room (mdf- for christs sake…) and worse, a 3500 estimate to fix, and we have less than 30 days to close on this deal.Ethically and legally – I know we should probably report the issue on an amended disclosure. Should we fix it? tell the buyers, and leave it up to them?I’m worried now that even if WE fix it – there may be latent related issues down the line. Whats our liability here? And I’m also worried that even if we disclose, and fix they will walk away.



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