Newsflash: Sellers trying to change to change terms (USA/KY)

First-time poster in this sub! Any insight is appreciated!My wife and I recently found our dream home. The home went on the market early Friday (6/30). We went and saw the home a few hours after it hit the market, and made our offer shortly after. We offered full ask on the house, with the kitchen table, island, and W/D remaining plus up to 3500 in closing costs.The sellers countered, accepting our offer with the exception of the 3500 in closing costs. We accepted their counter offer. Fast forward to this evening, and I receive a call from our realtor. The sellers don’t want to part with the kitchen table, apparently, it was never supposed to be part of the counter, however, it is, and the sellers & realtor have signed off on it already.I don’t want to lose this house over a table, even if it appears to be built into the floor. Can anyone here offer any advice in to how to move forward? To us it seems clear, this is their realtor’s mistake, not sure how we should be “punished” by it. We don’t want to lose the home over a table, so a compromise is still on the table for us, but we don’t feel like we should make up for their realtor’s oversight.I’m sure I left out some details posters here will be needing, I’ll be happy to answer questions.TIA for the replies!



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