Newsflash: Former landlord asking for $45,000 in rent checks she “forgot” to cash! (NY)

My former landlord from over a year ago just sent me a letter through certified mail saying that she was going through an “emotional crisis” and forgot to cash my rent checks for almost 2 years. She is correct that most of our checks were never deposited, but what are our rights?I have no idea how to figure out what we paid and what we didn’t pay. The bank says they would charge me over $100 to access their archived bank statements.I lived in the house with roommates but I was the only one who signed the lease. We were paying every month until the landlord just disappeared all of a sudden. We made at least 9 attempts to contact her but did not hear back until now. After a while, I just stopped sending the checks because none of them were being deposited. We thought that she may have been deported since she is from Syria.Before she disappeared, she very neglectful and would forget about basic maintenance like peeling paint in our bathroom, mowing the lawn and changing the batteries in our smoke detectors. Our neighbors said they saw her on multiple occasions sitting alone in her car and crying.What should we do? Do we legally owe her all of the money? I am now living in a different state, if that makes a difference.



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