Newsflash: Market in greater Seattle area increasing fast

After my husband attended a first time home buyers class he’s convinced we need to jump into this asap. Like call the lender today and get the process started. He was told by the lender teaching the class that if we wait, houses we can afford now will be out of our price range 6 months to a year from now.We are financially ready to buy a house, that’s why he went to the class. But we had planned on waiting until after our 3rd baby is born next month, like months after he’s born. For no other reason then I think it would be too much change on our older kids (both under 5) to deal with a new sibling AND a new house in a short period of time. I wanted to wait until the baby is atleast 4 months old before we are moving in. My husband thinks, based on what the instructor said, that by then we won’t be able to afford houses we can afford today.I know the market here right now is exploding but is waiting a few months really going make that big of a difference? Should we start the process now or wait?FYI, we’re looking in the suburbs outside of Seattle.



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