Newsflash: Oil Tank – What would you do?

So here’s my dilemma on a home I’m under contract for with contingencies.Sent an offer of $410k ($10k under asking) 2 days after the listing was out. Offer was accepted. Did inspection a week later due to everyone good being booked and inspection went well. Found some termites which wasn’t bad. Roof is 15+ years old. Hot water heater is 10 years old with the gas heater being from 28 years old. Driveway isn’t sealed properly and needs to be redone. Overall, house is in good shape, but there are some costly things that will need to be done within a few years plus a few odds/ends that need to be fixed.Asked for an $8k credit + termite treatment. Sellers came back with termite treatment + $1k.The same day the counter was sent back, we got a tank sweep done. There’s a decommissioned oil tank underground. No signs of leaking from when it was decommissioned in 2007 when the sellers bought the house (previous owner did it).So now, I’m kind of annoyed. They knew we would find out, never disclosed it when everyone around here does so and then sent us a shitty offer back. It looks like it’s in a costly area to fix. I’ll have to remove a part of the fence, plus break up the sidewalk on the side of the house and then hope there’s no contamination that happened from 07 on. Sellers aren’t going to play ball. They don’t want to remove it themselves.I’m about ready to just tell them to fuck off and enjoy holding onto a house for another 2 months while they’re divorced. Am I acting rationally here? Anyone have any input they would like to give? I’m not in a rush to buy a house so that’s definitely something in my favor here.



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