Newsflash: Last minute loan conversion

This will probably be long and I will try to get all the details in feel free to ask me any questions on at thing that doesn’t add up. Also I have a lot of irons in the fire so some things might be confused on my end. Also I am kind of pissed off and drinking my pain away.I own a house that is under a VA loan. I have a tennant in that home. He has the house under contract in a rent to own situation. I am also under contract to buy a house to live in. We were scheduled to close the house I own on Thursday and scheduled to close the house I am buying on Friday once the VA loan was reinstated. The lender for the house I am selling delayed the close until yesterday and then last night stated the buyer doesn’t have the credit. There may be an option to close this week via cash but I am not holding my breath.So I have an addendum signed stating we can close on or before the 19th on the house I am buying. My question is can I get a conventional loan in 19 days since the VA loan is off the table. The VA loan on my part was ready to sign as of Friday other than the VA entitlement. I know this is dependent on my mortgage servicer but I am kind of desperate here.



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