Newsflash: Buyer’s agent fail

So, after two weeks of looking at properties with the help of an agent, I saw all but one that was on the list I provided. The agent said there was no response on the final property…So I phoned myself. Someone answered on the first try (and subsequent follow-up calls). This particular property is owned and being sold by another realtor, and it’s the property I want. Not knowing why my agent failed to arrange a showing of this property, I didn’t mention having a buyer’s agent out of concern that, if the seller heard about the agent, he wouldn’t sell to me. I’ve instead hired a real estate attorney to handle my offer and the closing.As of now, the buyer’s agent doesn’t know about any of this. Also, we never signed any kind of formal agreement. I was going to tell the agent that we simply decided to wait another year to secure further funds before continuing to look at properties, but there’s also the option to simply say what’s happened.In one sense, I feel like I’ve wasted the agent’s time, but at the same time, I also feel manipulated in that the agent was pushing me towards other choices, perhaps due to commission?I realize Reddit is not a real estate attorney, but I just want to hear whether you think I owe the agent anything given the situation.



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