Newsflash: Active Home – Seller Not Selling

First time hopeful home buyer here. I am looking at buying a home with 20% down. My fiancé and I looked at a house we really liked recently and decided to make an offer. The house went up on the MLS on a Wednesday and we offered the next evening (Thursday). We are in a very quick moving market and offered 5K below list price but heard nothing in the 24 hour offer window our agent set up.Fast forward to three days later, we finally heard that the seller was sick, wasn’t sure if he would be able to get a loan for a new home, and subsequently was not entertaining or accepting any offers at this time. We heard absolutely nothing about our particular offer – not declined, not countered, and not accepted. The house is still listed on the MLS as active but the seller doesn’t seem to be selling.Is there anything we can do to get the ball moving? Either having the house removed from the MLS somehow (the less eyes see it, the better for us later we figure), make another offer at 5K under again, offer full price, etc.?



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