Newsflash: What is the best region for practicing real estate in CA, Silicon Valley or Los Angeles?

Like the title says what are the pros and cons of practicing real estate mainly commercial in these areas? There are more people and diversity in LA and there are very wealthy areas with more inventory and transactions obviously. In the Bay Area there is much less transactions but nothing less than 1mm for SFR and there are many multi-family being built for all the tech companies. People seem to generally be more friendly and easier in nor cal, LA has nice people but its more of sharky shark feel, very competitive but many interesting people and interesting connections to make for all the varying industries in LA. The Bay Area seems to be turning into more of a city with the population increase LA seems to be more competitive but more fun with more special rare scenarios. So anyone who has practiced real estate in Los Angeles and people who have practiced in the Bay Area please leave a comment or story/opinion for a career in commercial realty. Nobody who hasn’t practiced in CA in these regions please refrain from commenting with pre concieved notions and no actual , if you have actual data or information then please share. Thank you for your input.



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