Newsflash: Secret thread for RE professionals only…. no one else look

If you are a property manager or agent you probably own a lot these ( ).I was looking for something today in an old laptop case and found a GE Security Division Supra box. I tried the half dozen codes I typically just reuse and no luck ;( These cost about 30-40 bucks each so that kinda blows.I got it open in about 2-3 minutes without the code. You can do this too with a super skinny and thin lock pick if you shove it right next to the top bottons and pull on the open button, but I don’t have one of those.You an do it like this really quick once you do it a few times: if you have ever thrown away a box because you don’t know the code, or worse yet had to cut one off somewhere, here is how you open it.Also if you ever thought one of these was secure, now you know :)Everyone who buys these should know how to do this IMO



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