Newsflash: Mold contingency escrow

We are buying our first home and everything is great except for a damp garage (lowest part of the house) with noted water stains on the floor and ceiling (we believe they are separate causes, the seller is dealing with the leaky pipe causing the ceiling stain).The sellers have put sheetrock over the wall where there is moisture and water stains on the ground. We are afraid that there will be mold between the sheetrock and the actual wall, while the sellers maintain that there is no evidence of mold.So we are thinking of asking for some money in escrow from the sellers for mold remediation. We were thinking 5k for 3 months, just to make sure that when we investigate behind the sheetrock and in the ceiling near where the leak in the pipe was, there really is no mold and that we can remediate it with that money if there is.Is this asking too much? Or should we take it as a bad sign if the sellers don’t want to do that, that there is mold?



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