Newsflash: Pre-Approved and searching for a second property (for a relative to live at) but new job?

Sorry for the long title:Basically I’ve been searching for a property for my grandfather for quite some time and we have been recently pre-approved for an investment loan to find something. We are in the process of looking at properties almost every week and I feel we are less than a few months from closing.Now the issue is, that I am a contractor for the government. My companies contract is ending in September and I’ve recently been offered a job in the town where I live (cutting my commute from 1 hour each way, to about 5 minutes each way) with a small pay cut (from $36k to $33k) in a different industry (I work as an Admin currently, and this job would be as a Receptionist/Service Writer/Social Media and Website manager at a large local auto repair shop). My wife makes the majority of the money but alone would have a debt to income ratio of 44% while my debt to income ratio is currently less than 12% (the home loan is in her name). Both of our middle scores are in the 750s range. I’m wondering if this will cause this loan and the possibility of getting a loan in the next few months to be very low. My grandfather is planning to move here in September if possible, but I also don’t want to pass up the opportunity to eliminate the horrible commute that I’ve been dealing with for almost four years and have a solid job past September 30th.



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