Newsflash: How do you convince people to take the plunge?

I’m a real estate agent agent in Missouri, in a more rural area. I have a lot of people ( at least 5) who live in town in a starter house, and want to move to 3-5 acres in the 250K price range. Problem is, no land seller is accepting contingent contracts – so small house must sell first. Sellers do not want to market small house without a plan on where to move… It’s a vicious cycle. Besides bridge loans, what are some other ideas to help get the first time buyers homes listed? I feel like no one wants to take a risk – yet they want the other party to. If I can solve this, I’ll have a lot of happy clients! P.S. I solved it for one couple by knowing someone who was looking for the exact kind of home they had to sell. We did a contract with a 3 month close date and seller was able to find dream property. I just don’t see this as being a great solution as I could not advertise, and it can be hard to find a buyer with no MLS.



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