Newsflash: Recourse for breaching purchase offer, before earnest money has been acquired.

I had a bad feeling about these buyers/realtor, even before they had an offer on the table. Long story, I’ll tell it if you want to hear it.Long story short, the buyers accepted our counter offer. Great! Earnest money was due at noon today (per their own terms), needless to say, no earnest money has been collected. So they are technically in breach of contract. They had made an appointment for an inspection this morning but canceled the appointment a few hours later (12:30 PM).A. Can we go ahead a continue to allow showings, without notifying buyers that an offer has been accepted? We have already had to cancel 3 showings since accepting their offer. Actually, the prospective buyers canceled once they found out about our accepted offer.B. Is there any legal recourse if they drop out of the deal without a good reason? Remember, we DO NOT have any earnest money as of right now.Thanks



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