Newsflash: Need to buy

I’ll try to keep this brief. My husband and I purchased a house during the bubble. We turned over keys and were foreclosed. We moved in with my mother when an opportunity arose to help out family friends. Their ailing mother owned a home with a mother-in-laws quarters behind the house. We rented from her because she and her family didn’t think it was time for a nursing home. During our stay there (had a lease agreement) she became increasingly invasive (coming into our home unannounced and/or whenever she wanted). When I explained to her and her family that I was uncomfortable with it, we were served eviction papers by the mother. We moved as soon as we could as not to cause anymore of a rift between the families. When we moved, we got a tiny little run down apartment. Things went downhill from there with several life events that greatly decreased our income. We simply couldn’t afford it and were evicted again. We moved back in with my mother. So here we are two years later, living paycheck to paycheck, but without debt. I have one credit card that I pay religiously and shows in my credit as such. However, the apartment is a huge hit on my credit. We desperately need to get into a house with my mother’s health failing. I am so ashamed of what I look like on paper, though none of this could have been avoided. I don’t know what to do and I’m embarrassed to talk about it in person. Do I have any options?



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