Newsflash: Home Appraisal

Crossroad from r/personalfinanceDon’t know if this belongs here, but I’m familiar enough with Reddit to know the fastest way to get where you’re going is to post in the wrong place.At any rate. Just started the refinancing process on our home. Owe about 120k. Paid 150k. Valued at roughly 230k-270k. Refinancing for 170k and using the difference (50k) for some updating and eliminating all of our other debt. All said and done, we will be debt free with a lower mortgage.However, our new payment and interest rate are tied to our assessed home value. They based all of our numbers on the house being 270k. So, in the 2 weeks before the appraiser shows up, is there any basic, short projects we can do to bump the assessed value?



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