Newsflash: About to close on a house purchase and we are already talking about selling it. Should we proceed with purchase? (Atlanta area)

My wife and I are having a MAJOR case of buyers remorse. We are two days out from closing on our first home purchase and having major doubts. Our finances would be stretched super thin and the house isn’t 100% to our liking. We searched and searched for 6 months and have settled.Our $1950 payment would be $400 more than our current rent payment, we have a number of kids (elementary and younger) who want to do things, but we wouldn’t be able to.We know if we were to back out, we would screw anyone involved in the process and have a lot of pissed off people and we would lose the earnest money. The sellers are moving out of state the day before closing.Would it be better for us to back out and screw a bunch of people and stay in our rental house, or to buy it, live in it for 6 mo, then put it back on market again and try to find another home? What are some downsides of relisting 6 months down the road?



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