Newsflash: [VA] Would love some advice… Getting taken advantage of in an absurd situation

Bear with me, this is a bit of a beastly situation that will take some explanation. Situation: My wife and I are buying a house. Conventional loan. Contract includes a house with two parcels on 9.8 acres, and an additional 5 acre parcel. The original listing was for the 9.8 acre house lot, and you can choose to also purchase 0 to 3 more five acre lots in addition. We chose to buy one extra.We got a pretty good price. We are putting 20% down and have a debt-to-income ratio somewhere around 16%. Seems like something a bank would be crawling all over.For a few reasons, we decide to move up our settlement date to 14 days earlier than planned. The sellers signed this amendment and according to their agent were fine with it. We also planned to move in the day we settled. We had a two day overlap in our old house to be able to have time to get out and clean our old house for the new couple moving in.One day before moving, our mortgage co tells us they are having a problem with the underwriting for the loan. They are unclear as to what the problem is, but it has something to do with the appraisal. At this point there is really no way for us to change our move date as well as inform the couple buying our home that they can’t move in. It’s way too late. After a lot of panic, we eventually work out an early possession agreement with our sellers the day that move in is supposed to occur. I think you can see where this is going. (EDIT: We were assured that the mortgage co would find a solution to this quickly. It is now 8 days later)Move in day comes and the sellers shit is everywhere. They hadn’t moved out. They had stuff in their house when we did the final walkthrough but we were told it would all be gone by the day we moved in. We spent hours consolidating all their stuff to one room, then moving our own stuff in. It was a nightmare. The sellers also claimed they had no idea we were moving in on that day. Totally bogus.The sellers have finally removed all their junk. We are currently at a $50/day early occupation that our realtor and their realtor is covering because it was such a screwed up situation. In the meantime, our bank is now saying that we need to split the contracts up: one contract for the house and 9.8 acres for the full price we committed to, and one contract for the extra 5 acres for $1. The seller is so furious at their realtor for an apparent lack of communication that they are refusing to sign the contracts until the realtors accept 4% instead of 6%. The realtors are both refusing. My realtor says they are not permitted to change it at this point as per their brokerage, and I’m not sure what the sellers agent is saying. So now we are in a situation where the sellers are getting $50/day from us, we don’t technically have a home, and we are in a stalemate. (EDIT: this per diem coverage will not continue as of this friday… the realtors are saying that it’s no longer their responsibility to cover the per diem because the problem is my lender)I have two options to move forward:eat the cost of the 1% the seller is demanding from the realtors and demand the sellers realtor to eat the cost of the other 1%apply for a new loan (screw that, another 20+ days aka $1000 bc of per diem early occupation)my mortgage co is now saying that we could move forward with the original contract that has been signed by all parties, but we would have to deed the entire property together (all parcels under one deed) and there would be an encumbrance on all of it. Meaning if hypothetically we had a family emergency or something, we could not sell off that 5 acre parcel by itself unless the entire mortgage were paid off or we refinanced. That seems absurd to me, and not normal.My wife and I have 3 kids and just want to be done with this shit. I’m currently leaning toward option 3 but probably need to speak to an attorney about what it actually means to have the whole property in an encumbrance. I would love some advice if anyone has any familiarity with this type of situation. Thanks so;dr Because my mortgage co (especially loan officer) sucks and the sellers agent sucks, I’m now in a position to be taken advantage of and I want to find the fastest cheapest way to get to settlement



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