Newsflash: (CAN GTA) Recoverable expenses the same as TMI?

Currently looking at a commercial retail property. Ill be honest- have zero exp and rather make a fool out of myself here vs with the potential realtor. The property has +15 tenants in a plaza style and also tenants in an office building attached to the plaza. The information package has Rent roll and a second page called “Recoverable expenses” stating different expenses-ex snow removal, electricity etc. It gives a $ amount and then a /sq (sq of total retail) amount. I assume these are TMI (taxes/maintenance and insurance) the tenants also have to pay.Some of the allocation of expenses dont make sense. For example, there is a 20k electric bill associated with the office building. Yet the cost is divided with the TOTAL retail sq…so the cost is being paid partially by tenants that will never benefit from the electricity. Is this normal? To give some numbers. Total sq of all retail (inc office) is 20sq. 15sq is of retail and 5sq is for office. The electric specifically for the office is $5. I feel that ONLY the office should be paying for this in their TMI hence $1/sq, yet they choose to make the whole plaza pay for it hence $0.25/sq.Is this a normal?



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