Newsflash: (WA) buying in a hot market (Seattle), FTHB, steps towards a good purchase?

Hello all. I have just moved to the city I grew up in, Seattle. The market has changed a lot since I left 15 years ago, I’m now in my early 30’s. I work as an architect, and have done home renovation before, so I’m aware / excited about a project house. I just moved and currently don’t have a job, but enough saved to take some time off (6 months or so). I have enough saved for a 20% down payment for most properties in the city, and my girlfriend has a solid job in healthcare. Currently staying with my folks, no strong need to get our own place but I want to create a healthy investment, and am planning on staying in the city for the foreseeable future. Been renting my whole college / post college career until now. No debt (worked off everything), also been frugal with investments and lifestyle until now, so I stupidly have just been using a debit card and not paying the now closed credit card I had open 10 years ago, so no FICO score currently.Thoughts on the best series of steps towards home ownership in this crazy market? hire a real estate broker? pre-qualified approval for mortgages? invest in rental property also?, etc. any thoughts help.Thanks in advance.



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