Newsflash: Selling house, dislike our real estate agent choices, dislike this 6% commission bullshit

We’ve decided to sell our house.We’ve interviewed ~10 real estate agents from all the big companies nationally and locally. None of them are thrilling. But… one has brought a buyer to us and we are within 3%-5% of agreeing on a price. We will call this agent, Agent A. We have not signed an agreement with Agent A.The buyer is a real estate developer whose girlfriend is another agent in the same office as Agent A. She’s Agent B.Do I understand correctly that I’m supposed to pay 3% to Agent A and another 3% to Agent B? Is it common practice to negotiate these percentages? Would it be common practice to ask the buyer to split this with us, and to pay Agent B 3% while we pay Agent A 3%?Thanks everyone.For reference or if it’s important: Atlanta, Ga.



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