Newsflash: My family has property in Vienna Virginia (Fairfax County), but the county is saying it is waterlogged so they can’t build on it

Does anyone know what is involved when you have a property that the County says is waterlogged? This property had a house on it until 2005, the house was torn down at that time. Now that my family is trying to sell it, the county is calling the lot unbuildable. The County’s reasoning is that the property is waterlogged. I am assuming that means the property won’t perc. When my family told the County that there was a house on there previously, the county stated that they had to prove that a house was on it before. Well, I just pulled up the tax records and I see that up until 2005 there was a value listed for the land, and a separate value listed for the building. That would be proof enough to me that there was a house there previously, but I am not sure if that would be proof enough for the County.The County also tried to get my family to sell the property to them for $7,000 saying that #1, the property was not buildable so the value would be low, and #2 they want to make the property a Nature Reserve.If anyone has any suggestions on how the lot can be turned into a buildable lot please let me know. I know there have been instances where a lot would not perc and the builder overcame that obstacle and built on the lot. I just am not familiar with that process and am hoping there is someone on Reddit that has been through that before and can provide some advice.



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