Newsflash: Selling Home by Myself for Cash – neighborhood gentrifying – thoughts, suggestions, warning, hints, jokes?

I feel like I won the lottery. My neighborhood, near the urban core of a Texas city, has been rapidly gentrifying. Paid an experienced licensed appraiser, home has more than doubled in value. Many houses in my neighborhood have been knocked down, fancy modern ones are put up.I informed my appraiser of my plan on selling it on my own for cash. He stated he’d do the same thing. He suggested pricing it at 5% over his appraised value and absolutely not accepting anything below the appraised value.I’ll be listing it in the next day or so, and believe I’ll have an offer within 48 hours.Any suggestions, thoughts, advice, concerns? Can I put it on Zillow, should I pay for a flat fee MLS service? Paperwork brutal? Positive vibes? Ha.First time doing this. Thanks for any advice, comments anything! Super appreciate it!!



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