Newsflash: Nervous about meeting Sellers at closing.

I am closing on a house in 2 weeks. I am very nervous about this because the Sellers will be present.I am a single male, working professional and new to the community of a small town. The family selling the house is VERY well known in the town and has many business connections. Rumor has it that not all of these connections are legal.Long story short, there were 5 bids on this house and through the grapevine I learned that the Sellers wanted to sell to a family to help support our town, community, and education system. My real estate agent asked me to write a letter to them to reaffirm my interest and make an argument as to why a single professional deserves this house.I did that and they accepted my bid (which was also 5k over asking). However, a friend of mine who knows them told me that they are regretting choosing my bid because one of the other families who put a bid in is threatening to move their business to a nearby town since they didn’t get to move into this house.I’m feeling caught in a feud between families. Though we have both signed the contract, I have two (irrational) fears:They are going to reject me at closing when they meet me and see that I am under 30 years old, somehow canceling the contract.They are somehow going to use their pull to damage my reputation out of petty dislike for me. (There is history of this happening in the town.)What do you recommend? I never anticipated this social conflict element in purchasing a house, and frankly it’s making me as nervous as if I was going for a job interview.



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