Newsflash: [Boston] Just had an inspection, would like advice.

Hello all,Just had an inspection on a home we put an offer on. For the most part the inspection (as expected) went well, other than a few issues, outlined below (with pictures associated with the numbers):[1] The lead flashing on the pipe (which is on the roof) appears to be leaking, leading to [2][2] One of the upstairs bedrooms’ closet has some water damage on the ceiling[3] The chimney also appears to be leaking. Notice the flashing on the chimney covered with the tar. The inspector found some buckets in the attic (which were very dry on the day of inspection), which may suggest some level of leaking in the past A basement zone isn’t functional (the house has three heating zones, on the day of the inspection the basement one didn’t appear to work. The inspector says it could be the thermostat or the valve)(4) A bathroom vent appears to release in the attic (which apparently causes ice dams and is bad).We’re thinking about asking for $7500 back, but I’ve been reading on Reddit and really it could cost a lot more (or less). Looking to get some advice. Much appreciated! We’re first time home buyers and don’t really know how serious these issues are. The house is built in the 60s, and like most Boston area housing is old and has a few issues.



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