Newsflash: [Boston] [FTHB] Waive inspection, SF (details inside)

Hey guys,I know this topic has been beaten to death and I’ve done my research here. Have a bit of a different situation due to market pressure and locale.House is single family built in 1890 in the hot burbs, solid place with the only obvious need being new roof soon, walked the house with realtor who is experienced and had a keen eye on things myself. We agreed to do a pre-inspection since its that kind of market.Today I get a call saying that the SA had a big open house second day and wont allow our pre-inspection. I’m considering offering waive inspection, then doing one if were accepted.I’m in a unique position to be able to put 5% or 20% down based on choice, so for that matter I have the cash to fix the issue(s) that pop upBasically am I nuts? there isn’t much in the inspection that would get me to walk away from the house other than structural, which there are no obvious signs of.I am a very handy person and can handle many project myself.



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