Newsflash: Should I send notice to perform?

I’m selling a house in Orange County California currently in what was suppose to be a 21 day escrow. 10 days to lift contingencies per purchase agreement.Per agent we have agreement (not signed) on the repair that I will perform per inspection (very reasonable repairs). Signed Agreement on the price (1k less than original price ), after the appraisal came slightly short (Appraisal contingency not yet lifted). Also signed agreement to extend escrow to 40 days (since buyer said they switched lender).On day 16 the buyer requested 3 more days to get approval from the lender. Today is day 19 no contingencies are lifted, buyers agent is insisting that by Monday they will have loan approved and can lift the contingencies including loan contingency.I had wanted to file a notice to perform today, however my agent talked me down from it.Any advice? Should I plan to send it on Monday? How long does it typically take for a conventional mortgage to get approved? The appraisal report was available last Tuesday.Thanks



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