Newsflash: [Can] [First time buyer] How the heck do you actually pull the trigger and start actively looking?

Basically I’ve been browsing realtor websites and looking at stuff I can afford and talking with the SO about what we both want and such.I have extreme anxiety about actually contacting real estate agents and starting to !look! for real though.1) I have money to buy / downpayment she doesn’t. We’ve discussed and she will sign papers stating the house isn’t common property when we get married (but she will receive equity she puts in back + interest in the event of seperation).2) I’ve been looking a lot at houses <250k in Hamilton (basically gut and refinish types, I have good contractors in my friend group and the cash to accomplish it). I'm worried about crime though, the online crime map makes Hamilton look horrible.3) I could afford up to 500k but would prefer to buy something cheaper and put in the work instead. (i.e 500k would be 50% downpayment and 250k mortgage and I have passive income enough to cover monthly payment up to 8% interest)4) Will people try and convince me to not pay cash ?5) What does anyone in the know think about Hamiltons market outlook for 3-5 year timeline what with GO service expansion? Will tightened mortgage rules and GTA sales slowing past couple months affect hamilton?



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