Newsflash: First Time Selling a Home

Hello everyone, I am in the process of selling a home for the first time and I am starting to get frustrated and impatient. When I purchased my home three years ago I had a very negative experience with real estate agents. I did some research before listing and decided to go with a limited service listing on the MLS. I spoke to a traditional agent and based on my homes value (listed at $315,000) I didn’t feel value in the seller’s agent commission (3%).Before listing we worked hard to address any issues we were aware on the house and did additional landscaping. We staged the house well. My limited service broker connected me to a great photographer and our pictures look awesome. The one issue with the house is a steep set of stairs going upstairs. It’s an old home and the upstairs was added later to the attic. This has turned off a lot of older buyers but I knew that would be an issue.I’ve had the house on the market for three weeks now. We had some feedback about pet smells that we have addressed. The first week we had about 5 showings, then 2 last week and none this third week. Our last showing was Friday. I find it very unusual that the only time people come for a showing is at lunch during the week. No one has come on the weekends or evenings.I’ve made a very nice flyer outside and have had at least 80 people take them. None have called me but I hope that they take them to their agent.We have good feedback on the price on the home. I need to sell because I am relocating for work otherwise I would have gladly stayed in my home.Is selling just a slow process that requires me to be patient? My city doesn’t have overwhelming demand for homes but my house is in one of the most desirable neighborhoods. Is there something else I can do to get more showings?



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