Newsflash: Post powder beetles found during inspection. Do I walk? I need advice that I can’t get anywhere else!

I want to start off by saying I am a first time home buyer and appreciate all experienced opinions! Some information on the house. It is possibly not up to code and no permits where pulled for all renovations done. Except for electrical work in 92. It is a 2 family home that used to be single family. I spoke to who I believe was the assessor in city hall he said it is illegal and non compliant but it is grandfathered in since it was done before 1967 which is the last date they have records off the property and it was still listed as a multi family then. Now onto the issue at hand!I always see it mentioned that you should start walking if it’s termites. When I initially heard it’s not termites it’s something else I figured I’m good to move forward. Well now I’m not so sure about it after a bit of googling. The inspector found it only in two areas of the house on the exterior. He said its most likely due to the house not having gutters/draining. I haven’t read the housing inspection yet since I haven’t received it. I am trying to decide do i continue on and pay more money for the lead inspection tomorrow? Do I get a quote from a pest control company? They are able to determine if it’s active but inactivity doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe apparently? I can’t get a general contractor out there because Google in this area for one is lacking. The realtor says she can get the contractor she has worked with before out there but I would be skeptical of that contractors opinion.Aside from that the inspector said the condition of the home is one of the better ones he has seen for the age. The home is over 110 years old. Again thanks for any help I appreciate it.



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