Newsflash: Needy tenant solutions

Hi everyone,I have recently bought a side by side as an investor and have been renting it out. One side has yet to call me for a single issue. The other side seems like there is something new every day.They are a couple fresh out of college, and I think this is their first ‘real’ place. They asked me why a door didn’t close all the way. (They weren’t pushing hard enough for it to latch) Why the spigot doesn’t have water outside. (They didn’t turn it far enough until water came out) Why the AC smells a bit strange. (We had to change their air filter, let alone they didn’t know one existed) A light doesn’t turn on. (One of the only three switches they have turned it on) and so on and so on.One is an engineer and the other is in law school. They are very smart people, but they don’t troubleshoot or problem solve at the first sign of an issue. I drive over and fix the issue in three seconds, many times to their embarrassment.How can I tell them nicely to just figure things out instead of having me be their baby sitter? I am only three years older than them. Any suggestions would be great!



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