Newsflash: Need a little advice as first time buyers (longish read) please help

Hello everyone! We are first time buyers in Oklahoma and we have had a hell of a time. It took us 7 or 8 different offers to finally get under contract and we were ecstatic when we finally did.(Backstory) my fiance is the only one on the Loan because of my profession. I am a professional fighter so I have really weird income. I technically only get paid a few times a year and I’m still early in my career so it’s not crazy high amounts anyway. I also have a decent amount of student loan debt that we don’t want to get in the way.My fiance on the other hand is a ghost and I know it’s killing us but we were mislead and didn’t think it would be as bad as it is. She is native american and will be using a native american loan which will keep the pmi at only about 22 dollars a month.I knew a great realtor who trained with me for a while and he really has been awesome to work with. But the mortgage lender he suggested who gave us our preapproval initially quoted us at a 4.125 which I was super cool with. I used it when calculating all of our payments on different properties and what we could afford and we actually went a little over our initial budget to get this house that we really liked because of how much trouble we have had.We finally get under contract agreeing to pay 107500 with 5k back for closing costs which would have put our payment a little above 750 which was high for what we wanted to pay but perfectly doable.We go to the lender to turn everything in and sign papers and stuff and he comes out with a paper that says 5.0% and a payment almost $850! I was absolutely destroyed. We knew something would happen and this was about the worst thing that could happen. I told him that’s no where near the number he had quoted us and there’s no way we can do that. He asked what he quoted and I told him 4.125. He asked to go look at some stuff and when he came back said if we close before July 19th he could get us 4.625% and that’s still a $800 dollar payment when initially we wanted to be as close to $700 as possible just to be safe.I honestly feel betrayed and lied to. He said “oh I must have been quoting an fha rate with good scores.” Which would still be wrong because he knew what we were doing the whole time and even sent over a pre-approval letter on memorial day at 4.125%I called 1st tribal the second I left his office and told him our exact situation and he said that he could do 4.3% but in my haste I didn’t ask him about closing costs and things like that to see if It was the exact same of I would be paying more upfront in a buy down situation. I checked with two more lenders today and they both said 5% was the number but one told me the difference in her having no score and having a 660 would drop the rate to 4%!So I mentioned this to my original lender and asked if I had a co-signer with a 660+ would that get the rate down and he said no because we would still have to go by my fiances no score. This didn’t seem right to me at all and wanted to know what you guys thought or if you could suggest anything to us. We’ve already done an inspection, termite inspection, and an a.c. inspection (because it wasn’t doing very well when we were there.) House basically needs a new roof and about 1300 in ac work. Most of the other stuff wasn’t too bad. New garage door opener, one new window, a crack in the brick veneer up high in the front table, and one small issue of corner pop but no settling signs.Long story short- Lender quoted us a much lower rate and is now trying to get us to sign the way higher rate. Told me that a co-signer would not bring the rate down even if it was an 800 score. Looking for advice. Don’t have much time.



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