Newsflash: Tips/websites that help find houses close to public transportation or that favor walkers

Hi, I am blind, and currently rent in a city that is becoming way too expensive. I’m at an age when I want to looking into houses (maybe condos) to buy and start a mortgage. I need to have public transportation very close to a potential house, or ideally find a place that has necessities like groceries, drug stores, doctors, etc. within walking distance.My early research has just been through Zillow and Trulia, and they don’t seem to have filters for public transportation / walking (unless I’m missing it which is very possible).I am familiar with the Walk Score site that is helpful to find how walkable a neighborhood (my current area is a 98 so looking for a house with a similar number might be difficult).I’m curious if any real estate experts or house buyers might have any sites that could help with my predicament, or if it is just finding houses and searching the address for their Walk Score and Google Maps to see what is close by and if it is walkable.Any help or tips would be great, and much appreciated as I try to make smarter decisions and not throw my money away renting every month!



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