Newsflash: Nervous about appraisal coming in low. Need advice.

Hi everyone. We are waiting on the appraisal for a house. Our realtor is making us very nervous, saying that she thinks the house will appraise low. When we made an offer the house was listed for $295k and had sold 2 years prior for $270k. The current owners had put in a brand new roof and new insulation in the attic but otherwise made no changes in that time.She showed us 2 comps from the past year, 1 that sold for $270k and one that sold for $290k. She said the $290k house was more equivalent and advised us that we should pay no more than $290k for the house. We offered $280k, they countered, and we ended up agreeing on $287.5k. I had really wanted to push for $285k but the realtor said she thought they would refuse that.Fast forward to now, she said she thinks the house will appraise under $280k. We are first time home owners and straight up don’t have the cash to cover the difference. I am angry at her for even advising us to offer over what she thought it would appraise for. To make matters worse she is saying we may lose our earnest money (she advised us to put up $12k in earnest which in retrospect was too much) because she thinks we did not make a “good faith effort” to get a mortgage.We waited about 2 weeks after the effective date of the sales agreement to apply to a mortgage instead of the default 7 days because the closing date was not until August 7 and we thought we had plenty of time. She did not advise us to apply right away and we admittedly did not read the fine print (7 days) carefully enough. She then later changed the mortgage commitment date to June 30 and is now refusing to ask the buyers for an extension. The appraisal is scheduled for the 26th so we will just make it in time assuming it actually appraises.Like I said we are first time homeowners and we feel like she did not advise us well through this entire process. If the house appraises low our only options are to successfully convince the sellers to lower the price to the appraised value or walk away. If we walk away, are we at risk of losing our deposit because we waited longer than 7 days to formally apply to a mortgage?Thanks.



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