Newsflash: Can I call a bedroom an office?

After finishing out (already framed and wired, just drywalled and floored) my basement with a good-sized bedroom and walk-in closet, the lovely bureaucrats at the health dept now claim that my septic is not sized for a 4 bedroom house. sigh …Well, fine. Since one of the bedrooms is significantly smaller than the others (8ft x 9ft), I’ll submit and claim it’s an office (or den or whatever).But wait, now I’m hearing from some people that I can’t call it an office because it has a window and a 2’x4′ bifold-door closet.Seriously? Is that true? I can’t NOT call it a bedroom simply because one could use it as such? If having a window/door outside and a closet means it must absolutely be called a bedroom, I don’t see how I can not claim it’s a 4 bedroom house – septic be damned. There are 4 rooms in my house that have an exterior window/door and have some form of closet.Any suggestions?



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