Newsflash: Buying a bank-owned house – who to contact?

There is a house that was recently foreclosed nearby. Wells Fargo auctioned and was the high-bidder at the recent foreclosure auction. I’m assuming this means their reserve wasn’t met. The recent doc recorded in my counties registry shows their winning bid was $314k. This house is only a few years old and would easily fetch $385k or more on the open market if the public at large new about it. I am very interested in pursuing this and I’m wondering where to start? If I can buy it in the low $300s, pump $10k or so into getting it looking perfect, I could make a nice quick profit. I drive by it multiple times a day and it’s in excellent condition at the moment. It needs a power wash of the siding and the lawn mowed. Otherwise, it’s as nice looking as any other property in my area. Any advice on who to contact, where to start the process of trying to buy it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



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